Service was a 10.

– Irene Butler

Really felt Ura was very thorough and helped with my problem in the very best way!

– Pam Greusel of Las Vegas

Please accept out hearfull thanks for your kind consideration regarding our plumbing issues. You truly listened to us and sent Ura to save the day. He was so nice and competent. Everything works now as it should and we are grateful. Also, Neli is just terrific on the phone and with all the scheduling. You run a great business and we will certainly recommend you.

– MK Levins

BioSmart Testimonial: We had a country club that was experiencing backups monthly in their main kitchen line due to the grease trap being 300 feet from the kitchen and no maintenance plan on the system.We were going out there about every 3 months to jet the line: $600-700 job each time.It was beginning to get very costly for the country club, and the drain lines kept getting worse and worse.We recommended the auto dispensing BioSmart injector in the kitchen and a monthly maintenance visit to maintain the fixtures. ($250 recurring visit)Upon going back out on each monthly visit we camera the line every 60 day and have found no grease build up since.The country club has not had a problem with grease related blockages now for 3 years. This has helped our techs believe in the product and have a success story to share with potential BioSmart users

– James Wisler, Wisler Plumbing

BioSmart Testimonial: The name says it all. I have waited to write my testimonial too long, but good things come to those that wait. At least that’s what I was taught.My sales for Bio-Smart have been much easier after truly experiencing the true value.On November 11thI had a job that demanded I set a client up with Bio-Smart to see how it truly worked. She had a problem with her washing machine backing up 3 separate lines. Well her line was wellunder sized and we recommended the upgrade. When we cut into her main drain, it was like the light came on. You look at the picture on the front of your Bio-Smart bottle; and that is exactly what she had, No flow.What we did was set her up with 2 bottles on what I would call an aggressive treatment. 2 times per week for the next 8 weeks. After the treatment we offered her a free camera inspection.Boy were we surprised after the 8 weeks. On the high water flow part of the system where the repair was made, 8 weeks later we found the drain line to be completely clean!On the upper section that was only tied into her greasy, greasy, did I mention greasy low flow kitchen line, the Bio-Smart had eaten away half of what was there.From that day forward, I have been able to present my Bio-Smart sales with ease.I know I’m nowhere as good as Jason Ferro at the stuff, but one day I will be a competitor if I decide to stay in my truck.

– John Winkler, Argonaut Plumbing

BioSmart Testimonial: They do work on a local restaurant and have an ADS set up with a 2.5 gal of BioSmart. This restaurant had lots of problems with FOG cloggingup their discharge line leading out to the grinder pump. They would go out about once a month to jet the lines, pits and pumps. They installed the BioSmart ADS unit and now they go out about once a year just to check the system. They replace BioSmart every 2 months.

– Tony and Randy Lee

BioSmart Testimonial: Two years ago, we had major problems with our septic system. We were at the point of having to remove and rebuild our entire system, at a cost of more than $10,000. 
Jerry suggested we try a Biosmart plan. He flushed our system using Biosmart. Since then, with the use of your product, our septic system has been working great. The final cost was $800. Biosmart worked for us!

– Don and Rita Curry

(For Rocky and Carlos) 
The two men today are knowledgeable and very professional. They were 
extremely conscious and careful during the installation to keep my home 
clean while wearing their booties going in and out. More companies could learn from your excellent customer service.

Cleo Moffatt

– Cleo Moffatt

I will recommend Butter to anyone needing a plumber and in particular, Rocky.

– Sue Lawrence

Jim was the young man who was dispatched to our home. He was courteous, 
professional and knew exactly what he was doing. We are renters so he took 
the time to explain all the different ways to approach the problem and the 
costs to our landlord. We would ask for him again if we ever need to 
schedule another appointment with Butter Plumbing

– Clifton Colton

Thank you Butter Plumbing for a great experience this morning. Plumber Rocky showed up right on time. Explained procedures and It is fixed. Yay! From my call placed speaking with Neli to Rocky the plumber I am grateful had a pleasant experience. Thank you for the Fantastic customer service. Have a great day!

– Anastasia Pavitch of North Las Vegas

We are more than pleased with our technician, Greg. He is very personable and listened to our concerns. He was thorough, honest and professional. We won’t hesitate to refer Butter Plumbing. Very reasonable and not pushy. They aren’t sales people, they know the business.

– John Dury

I had a lifetime warranty that was professionally honored – with a smile.

– Tom P.

I Love Butter

– Anne D.

Very satisfied with service. Both phone and service call.

– Larue B.

Why call anyone else but Butter Plumbing.

– Michael P.

Like last time, Travis was punctual, knowledgeable, and efficient.

– J. Covey, Jr.

Excellent service and timely arrival and work completion- even on a Sunday- Highly recommend

– T. Morlan

Service representatives Carlos, Shane and Anthony all gave outstanding customer service and worked diligently. Thanks to Shawn B.

– J. Olson

The work performed by Rocky was excellent!

– N. Williams

I have been using Butter Plumbing for the past three years at the National Guard Armories in the Las Vegas area. They have provided services from plumbing jobs to pumping tanks for me. They have always provided professional and personal service on all calls, and have responded in a very timely manner. They will stay with a job until a resolution has been achieved.

Of the various companies that I have used, I would classify Butter as a FULL SERVICE Company. For example, they have traced pipes and videoed lines for me besides normal plumbing repairs.

I would highly recommend Butter Plumbing for any plumbing work or repairs that you may need.

– Wayne

It’s been a few weeks since your company installed three new toilets for us. We just had to write to tell you that we are very pleased with them; they are everything you promised they would be. Very importantly the whole experience was quick and without stress and problems. Your servicemen were the best- clean, neat, and so very efficient and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for great quality and terrific service.

– Stan and Myra

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for sending Dave here today. We really appreciate the work he did and are so glad he ran that line in the ceiling of the garage. It looks really good and professional and it is probably good to have that for any resale down the road, should that ever occur. I complimented Dave a lot and he spoke so highly of you, telling me I got the right guy to do this work and that you are such a good guy. We already knew that right? :>) Anyway, I told Dave, “I sure hope you are one of the persons back here when we do the entire job.” Thanks, Shawn, to you and Carie… I’ve already told the chairperson of the HOA here in Lynbrook to call you if and when they need to have their home checked. (She’s just a block over from us…same builder)

–  Dvorak