Your bathroom is the most heavily used room in your home, and your toilet by far the most used plumbing fixture therein. When it runs into trouble, it can bring your whole household crashing to a halt, and here in Las Vegas, NV, we’re not used to sitting still. You can contact a trained plumber to correct the problem right away, and good plumbers know how to handle anything your toilet may be experiencing. Give us a call to make them right.


Leaks tend to inspire panic, because they often mean replacing the entire toilet. The good news is that leaks also occur around the fittings in the toilet, rather than the tank itself, in which case a trained professional can correct the problem without replacing the entire toilet. Also beware of false leaks, such as beads of humidity along the tank or incidental splashes from toilet use.


The clogs in most toilets are caused by too much material being flushed at once, and can usually be cleared up by judicious use of the plunger. You can avoid that by using less toilet paper during your visits to the toilet. In some cases, however, a clog can indicate a larger problem somewhere else in the line: a build-up caused by hard water deposits or the like. In those cases, a professional plumber may be in order.

Excessive Running

Toilets run as they refill the tank after use, but a toilet that continues to run is encountering a significant problem. In many cases, it means that the seal in the tank has corroded, though it could also be a problem with the floater or something in the pipes refilling the tank.