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Las Vegas Video Pipeline Inspections

Before the modern age of miniaturization technology, basic plumbing repairs could involve a large amount of guesswork and intrusive procedures that ripped into drywall, wood floors, and cabinetry in order to reach damaged pipes. Clearing clogs took extra time as plumbers tried different tactics on the unseen plug in the pipes until one worked. All this meant extra time, labor, and money expended to solve problems that often only required small, targeted fixes.

However, the development of miniaturized video pipe inspection equipment has put those days in the past. A skilled and trained plumber can use video cameras to narrow down repairs and find the right method of dealing with obstructions without resorting to making educated—and occasionally incorrect—guesses.

When you need professional work done on your plumbing, place a call to an experienced plumbing company with the tools necessary to do the best job. For 15 years, Butter Plumbing has helped keep residents in in Henderson, NV and of the Las Vegas Valley happy with their plumbing. You can reach us any time of the day or night when you need emergency service.

The Importance of Video Camera Inspections

Video camera inspection equipment consists of a miniature digital camera and a small but powerful LED light mounted on the end of a long, flexible fiber-optic cable. A plumber sends the camera and light down into a drainpipe or other access point, and then watches a monitor that displays the feed from the camera. This allows the plumber to see the inside of the pipes clearly.

The clarity of the image from a video camera gives a plumber knowledge normally unavailable about the nature of clogs and pipe breaks. It also permits the plumber to pinpoint the exact location of leaking. Narrowing down the spot of leaks means that repairs will only have to remove a small amount of building material (if any) to reach the leaking spot and seal it. The plumber will know ahead of time the size and type of leak and how best to close it up.

The outcome of using video pipe inspection equipment is that plumbers can do their jobs without causing unnecessary damage to your home or creating wasteful time delays trying to find out how to approach the problem. You will not only have better plumbing repairs, you will save money on those repairs.

Call up the experienced plumbers at Butter Plumbing today. Whether you have clogs, leaks, or any other troubles with your pipes, you can rely on our video inspection tools to fix it fast and right the first time.