Out of Toilet Paper?

Bidet Toilet Seat Eliminates the Need for Toilet Paper

Are you in need of a bidet installation or repair in Las Vegas? Butter Plumbing can help with all of your bidet needs within the Greater Las Vegas area. Contact Butter Plumbing with any questions you may have about bidets or to get bidet services at 702-655-5214.

With toilet paper shortages impacting stores, a bidet can be a great alternative to save on paper and stay more hygienic in the process. Butter Plumbing in Las Vegas can install your new bidet today!

  • Reduces Toilet Paper Use

  • Better Hygiene

  • Plumbing-Friendly

Las Vegas Bidet Installation

The installation and use of bidets are growing in the United States because they are more sanitary and environmental-friendly than using a regular toilet. At Butter Plumbing we install bidets like the Kohler Washlet, above, and other top brands. Many of the bidet seats on the market today use electricity to offer high-end, luxury features such as heated drying.

Bidet Repair Services

Bidets are reliable but they can develop problems over time. Sometimes, debris can build up on the strainer in the pipe and the water flow will be greatly reduced, or the washers around the strainer can wear out and you’ll experience water dripping out of the pipe. Or, the water stream may start to flow in the wrong direction and the pipe will need to be adjusted. Don’t worry! Our Butter plumbing technicians not only install bidets but we also have trained service technicians who can repair any problems you might experience with your bidet. If you need bidet repair in Las Vegas, we’ll send a technician out to your house to fix it right away!