Your Pressure Vacuum Breaker or PVB sometimes leak, just like any pipe in your home, causing diminished or no water pressure. Temperature can be a factor linked to a leaking PVB. During the winter months, water in a PVB freezes and expands, causing cracking and splitting inside the brass body or poppet assembly. Our team of trained technicians at Butter Plumbing (that receive two hours continuing education training weekly by our licensed Master Plumber) can help!

Ask anyone from Buffalo, Minneapolis or Fargo our winter here in Las Vegas is a walk in the park. Nevertheless, even a walk in the park can have its dangers. Our community is lulled into complacency by blistering high summer temperatures, so we don’t expect or think about the possibility of pipes freezing in the winter. Dont let our sub-freezing temperatures catch you unprepared, leaving you to face repair bills, that can be easily protected against. Here are a few things to help you prevent pipes from freezing.

  • Insulate all outside and/or unheated areas that have exposed pipes, hose faucet and pressure sprinkler systems, pressure vacuum breaker (pipe insulation tubes, hose faucet covers and PVB insulation pouch).
  • Remove hoses from outside hose faucets.
  • Open cabinets doors and drawers in sink area, this will allow heated air from the home to warm pipes in the wall.

If you need assistance with protecting your home, we are here to help. We have a full line of products that can safeguard your home from the effects of winter. Call us today at 702-655-5214 for prompt service.

However, if you are currently experiencing below freezing temperatures or windchill factors, you are running the risk of frozen pipes. If this happens, when you open a faucet you will have diminished or no water flow. These are signs of a frozen pipe! There is a hidden danger when pipes freeze, you can have the possibility of an unseen freeze putting cracks in the pipe. These cracks will start leaking and causing damage, when the pipe thaws out.

Here’s a few websites that can help: