Las Vegas, NV has a solid civic water treatment system, but it’s not perfect and with the dust of our desert climate, there’s apt to be problems with your system. Hard water is a particular concern: water with a high mineral content that can create significant problems in your home. A whole-house water filtration system installed in your home by a professional plumber can soften your water and provide innumerable benefits in the bargain. Here’s a list of three, which you should consider if you’re looking to improve the general quality of life for your household.

1.     Cleaner Drinking and Cooking Water

A water filtration system makes the water cleaner and taste better. There’s an easy experiment you can perform to demonstrate this. Freeze an ice cube with water from the faucet and then freeze another one using filterer bottled water from the store. You can see how much cloudier the faucet water is. A filtration system can remove those impurities from your drinking water, as well as the water you use for cooking.

2.     Gentler Showers and Baths

Hard water often creates calcium deposits – the white crusty material you find on your faucet sometimes. Imagine that same material in your water as you bathe, resulting in red, irritated skin when you’re done. A filtered system will help you feel cleaner when you shower and cut down on that red raw feeling you may be experiencing.

3.     Laundry Benefits

Hard water can cause your clothes to fade and grow dull over time, as well as shortening their lifespan overall. Clean water provided by a filtration system is gentler on your clothes, which helps their colors stay brighter longer and their fabric last. Moreover, they’ll feel softer on your skin, helping up the quality of your life just a little bit.

If you’d like to experience the benefit of a water filtration system, then call upon Butter Plumbing today!